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How to Waterproof your Uggs

are ugg boots waterproof

We are right in the thick of another frosty Australian winter, which means that ugg boots are currently a staple in every wardrobe. And we have great news! Your days of only wearing ugg boots at home are over.

We know how tempting it can be to wear your ugg boots out on a wet winter’s day, so we are going to show you how to waterproof your uggs so they will look and feel good as new all year round.

are ugg boots waterproof

Are Ugg Boots Waterproof?

When you first purchase a pair of classic ugg slippers or boots, they are not waterproof. However, with the right shoe care and tools you can waterproof every single pair that you own.

The answer is simple. All you’re going to need is a bit of patience, a bit of care and a lot of uggs waterproof spray. That’s right, you can waterproof suede and sheepskin… in fact, we highly recommend it. If you are making an effort to invest in high quality ugg boots or slippers, it is in your best interest to look after them properly.

The Uggs Waterproofing Process

Upon receiving your fresh ugg boots or slippers, we recommend purchasing waterproofing spray for uggs. While most suppliers will sell ugg waterproofing spray, you can pick up any waterproofing spray that you like… you may even have a spare can lying around at home!

We recommend setting up your “ugg boots waterproofing station” in an open space indoors or outside – you will avoid inhaling the spray this way.

You’ll want to coat your uggs 2-3 times with the spray at least one hour before wearing them for the first time. This will give your uggs enough to absorb the waterproofing spray and give you confidence to wear them outside. There’s no better feeling than keeping your feet warm while knowing your uggs are water and stain resistant. It really is that easy.

We recommend repeating the process every three months just to be sure the sheepskins remains in pristine condition.

So you know that you can waterproof classic uggs, but the news gets even better.

There is a limited edition range of uggs that boast water repellent skins. “Which uggs are waterproof?” you may ask. Look no further than our Aqua Ugg Boots... otherwise known as classic waterproof uggs. Not only are they fashionable but they are also practical for outdoor wear just as they are. An extra coating with waterproofing spray can only do more good than harm, but these incredible skins make them perfect to wear in any weather… even the snow!

Are uggs waterproof for the snow?

Okay, we may have been exaggerating a little with this one. Ugg boots probably aren’t the best choice of footwear in the snow as they can still become damp if they are soaked in rain or snow, even if they have been waterproofed. However, you can still take them on your next snow trip… just save them for evenings in the cabin by the fireplace.

So, ask us again: Are all uggs waterproof? With the right care and procedures… they absolutely can be.