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How to Spot Fake Ugg Boots

how to spot fake ugg boots

It may surprise you to learn that not all ugg boots are authentic and there are a lot of fake ugg boots on the market. Sure, some may look and feel the same upon first glance or first touch, but over time the real uggs will remain soft and fluffy like the day you first purchased them, while the fakes will age a lot quicker and potentially fall apart within months.

So what’s the difference between real and fake uggs? And how can you tell them apart? Keep on reading as we show you what to look out for when purchasing a new pair of uggs boots or slippers.

how to spot fake ugg boots

How to check the authenticity of ugg boots

The easiest way to know if the uggs are real is to purchase them from an official ugg manufacturer or retailer. All real uggs are certified by the Australian Made Campaign. Australian Made has been working with local manufacturers and retailers for over 20 years, to help consumers buy genuine Australian products that they know and love.  Upon certification, all genuine ugg products will have ‘Made in Australia’ swing tags attached to them.

Unfortunately, these tags may not be enough, as many merchants will go to extreme lengths to market their fake products as genuine ugg boots. Thankfully, there are a few more tests we can run to be sure we’ve secured real uggs.

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What do fake ugg boots look like?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to spot the difference between real and fake ugg boots upon first glance. As design technology advances, many of these copy uggs are becoming more similar to the genuine product.

There are a couple of small giveaways that you can look out for initially, such as the quality of the sheepskin that lines the outside of the boot. If the uggs are real, the exterior should be smooth the entire way through. If the uggs are fake, then parts of the uggs could be rough or patchy. You can also take a closer look at the stitching. Real ugg boots and slippers will have strong, secure seams. The thread overlock seam closures are strong and prevent uncomfortable rubbing on foot. You won’t find this when you buy fake ugg boots.

How to Spot Fake Ugg Boots

There are a number of structural and design features that will help you spot the fake uggs v real uggs. One way to spot the fake uggs from real is by the soles of the shoes.

When checking out the bottom of real ugg boots, you’ll be treated to soft and flexible soles. These lightweight, hard-wearing EVA soles are soft at the touch and are flexible when you walk, allowing your uggs to move with the natural shape of your foot when you wear them.

Now compare the sole of real uggs to fake ugg bottoms; the fake soles are firm and inflexible. As they don’t boast the same technology as the EVA sole, it makes it difficult for them to replicate both the durability and flexibility, resulting in a firm and uncomfortable sole.

We also recommend to check the inner lining of your uggs. The sheepskin that lines the inside of real ugg boots and ugg slippers should be rich and vibrant in colour. If that’s still not enough to spot the difference, then give a slight tug to the fur on the inside. Real ugg boots lining will not shed easily as the sheepskin is naturally attached to the uggs’ outer. Fake uggs, on the other hand will have the inner lining glued or stuck onto the outside fabric so when you give it a tug, there’s a good chance some of the “fluff” will come off.

What other signs can I look for?

If the looks and feel still isn’t enough for you to differentiate between real and fake ugg boots, there are a few final things you may like to try.

All genuine ugg products are made in Australia and that will be written on the boots or slippers. If they aren’t made in Australia, there’s a good chance that your products aren’t real.

It is also worth checking where your product has been shipped from. If you’re purchasing mens or womens ugg boots from an Australian-based company, the products should be shipped from Australia (as ours are.)

Finally, our products are not mass-produced; rather they are individually hand crafted here in Australia. Those finer details and extra special finishing touches are the difference between real and fake uggs.

There are an incredible amount of fake ugg boots available to purchase online or in store. The design and quality is becoming better and it is becoming harder to tell a real product from a fake. If there is one tip we can give you when it comes to purchasing ugg boots, it’s to always look for the “Made in Australia” swing tag on your uggs. Only the best, high quality genuine sheepskin ugg boots and slippers are designed and manufactured here in Australia and they will stand the test of time for years to come.