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What is the Best Way to Clean Ugg Slippers

how to clean ugg slippers

One of the most commonly asked question when it comes to ugg slippers and boots is “can I wash my uggs at home?” We are here to share the good news… Yes, you can!

There are multiple ways to do your ugg slippers cleaning; inside and out, manually or through the wash. You don’t need to be a professional to clean ugg slippers. We are here to guide you through all the options and what may be the best choice for you.

how to clean ugg slippers

Cleaning the outside of your uggs

Can you wash ugg slippers in the washing machine

Washing sheepskin slippers in the washing machine is a popular and easy way to clean your uggs at home. It is particularly handy if you are time poor and need to add your uggs to an existing load. This way, you can clean your ugg slippers without specific ugg cleaner as well. The key to popping your uggs in the washing machine is setting them on a delicate, cold wash cycle to avoid damage.


Hand washing is another great option to clean your ugg slippers and boots. All you will need is a damp cloth and our ugg boots shampoo and conditioner to get the job done. Simply shampoo and condition your uggs softly and gently. Be sure that your cloth is not soaking wet and rather, is damp at all times whilst washing. Upon completion, air dry your uggs overnight.

Cleaning the inside of your uggs

How to Clean Ugg Slippers without Ugg Cleaner

If you are simply conducting a routine clean, then all you need is a damp cloth to clean the sheepskin lining inside your uggs. Use the damp cloth to give the inside of your ugg boots or slippers a good scrub and leave them to air dry for 24-48 hours, however long is required for them to dry completely. You should be good to go at the end of this process!

Soap or Detergent

If the inside of your uggs are still dirty upon the completion of the previous process, then you may repeat it using a damp cloth with mild soap or detergent. Aim for something colourless and odourless, to avoid ruining the sheepskin. Once clean, rinse the inside of your ugg slippers or boots and let them airdry until completely dry. They should be feeling as good as new!

What is the best way to wash my uggs?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. How you clean your ugg slippers will come down to what you are most comfortable with and what cleaning products you have access to. If you’d like to have complete control over the cleaning process, then hand washing your ugg boots and slippers would be our recommendation.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to follow the cleaning steps correctly to ensure your uggs come out as good as new!