3 Must Have Winter Ugg Boots You’ll Be Living In This Cold Season

must have uggs

Uggs have been a household staple for decades. With countless styles and colours available on the market, there is always something for every member of the family when it comes to winter ugg boots.

We understand the choice could come across as a little overwhelming, so we wanted to bring you our top Ugg boots for the season ahead.

Firstly, let’s start with the basics.

We proudly sell an incredible range of Australian Made sheepskin products for women, men and children. From boots to sheepskin slippers and accessories, make us your one and only destination for the whole family. No matter what style, size, colour and budget, we will have something for you.

And what is the right style for you? Well, let us introduce our ‘must have’ Uggs for the cold climate ahead.

Classic Ultra Short Ugg Boots

Classic Ultra Short Uggs - Goulden Grey

It’s one of our most popular and versatile styles available, so no wonder consumers are going crazy for the Classic Ultra Short Ugg Boots. Made from A-grade Australian sheepskin, equipped with EVA soles, and the added bonus of reinforced heels, the quality and detail that go into our boots are unrivalled. Sitting 19cm up the ankle, our short uggs will keep you cosy without cutting you off, making them the perfect choice to wear at home or even for a day out.  Not only do they look good, but they feel fantastic as well. Soft at the touch both inside and out, the Classic Ultra Short Uggs really are the all rounder your wardrobe has been looking for! Available in four colours and complete with accented fashion stitching, you’re sure to find your perfect pair.

If you’re searching for ways to wear your ugg boots, you can read out top tips here.

Ladies and Men’s Sheepskin Scuffs

Ladies Sheepskin Scuffs - Chestnut
Mens Sheepskin Scuffs - Chestnut

Now here is a style that everyone can get around. From the outside, the Sheepskin Scuffs appear to be a simple slipper but in reality they are so much more. Made from 100% Australian A-Grade Double Faced Sheepskin, our scuffs are soft on the inside and out. Easy to slip on and start your day, the lightweight EVA sole will feel feathery on your feet, helping you get through your chores at home with ease. Our Ladies Scuffs are available in either Chocolate or Chestnut and are finished with a rolled hem; a fashionable addition to this classic style. For the man around the house, you’re sure to find your perfect match in Chestnut, Chocolate or Goulden Grey. Also, check out our great range of women’s and mens ugg slippers which are always popular.

Kids Uggs

Kids Ultra Short Uggs

We promised that there was something for every member of the family, so let us deliver on that. Just like mum and dad, we’ve got the right Ugg boots for kids too. Our Kids Short Ugg Boots are made from the same 100% Australian A-Grade Double Faced Sheepskin as our adult styles; we never compromise on quality no matter who our shoes are for. The Lightweight, hardwearing EVA sole not only ensures durability but also the right support for those little growing feet. The Kids Short Ugg Boots sit 18-20cm up the ankle and can be worn around the house or out and about. Available in Chocolate, Chestnut and Pastel Pink. The real question is will the kids copy mum and dad or go off on their own ugg boot journey?