What Makes Good Ugg Boots

There are two key factors that determine how good the ugg boots are: the quality of the raw materials used and the workmanship.

Some of the key components of the raw materials that are used in manufacturing ugg boots include:

  • Sheepskin
  • Suede
  • Binding
  • Thread
  • Soles

Most reputable ugg boot manufacturers are using double-faced sheepskin which undergoes special treatment on both sides of the sheepskin (the skin side and the wool side).

ugg boots

The double-face sheepskin comes in different grades – A, B, C with grade A being the premium grade and having softer and uniformly dense wool with the minimum number of natural defects (such as seed marks). The seconds skins usually have some major defects such as holes, numerous seed marks, and uneven or thin layer of wool.

The quality of the sheepskin used drastically affects the price of the ugg boots as the difference between A grade and seconds skins can be up to $40 per meter.

Other major factors affecting the quality of the sheepskin is the coloring process it undergoes. In the following section we are going to explore some of the details of ugg boot manufacturing process.