Uggs Myth Busters

Sheep Are Skinned Alive
This the probably the most ridiculous myth I came across. I am surprised how many people still fall for this. I am not even going to waste any time on this.

Ugg Boots Are Only Worn By Low-Life Bogans
Just check our celebrities uggs spottings.

Ugg Stands For Ugly
Well this one is partially true. There are two main schools of thought; ugg was derived from the term ugly because the original boots were little more than two pieces of sheepskin stitched together with a soft sole and weren’t exactly pretty. Alternatively, ugg is derived from the term “ugh” signifying a groan of shock or horror. Either way, these definitions show just why the general public either love ugg boots or hate them. Fashion aside, most people who purchase uggs end up being addicted to them forever because they perform one essential and basic function mankind needs and that is to keep warm.

Synthetic Boots Can Be Called Ugg Boots
This is defiantly false. Only boots made from genuine sheepskin can be called ugg boots.

If I Buy Online I Won’t Be Charged Import Duty/Tax
This largely depends on individual countries customs rules. In Australia you do not have to pay TAX if the value of the purchased items does not exceed AU $1000. If you are unsure, check your local laws before making a purchase in order to avoid disappointment. Having said this, majority of the parcels go through without any TAX being charged. I think this is because Postal services could not be bothered checking every parcel. It depends how lucky you are.

Following is a summary of Duty/Tax exclusion limits for some countries:

   Australia AUD 1000
   United Kingdom    GBP 18
   EU EUR 175
   US/Canada USD 700