Ugg Boots – Global Phenomenon

Guess what? Ugg boots are back – and they’re back with a vengeance. At the disgust of uggs haters, they are everywhere. Ugg boots used to be associated with surf culture, bountiful Australian beaches and the Australian laid back life-style. Not any more! Uggs have become a fashion item. Worn buy many celebrities and their entourages, these boots have developed a dedicated following. What started as two pieces of sheepskin sewed together with a bit of rubber glued underneath developed into a sophisticated industry which employs thousands of people and has a marketing budget which is envied by many fashion labels.

An increasing number of pictures are surfacing on the web with celebrities wearing uggs and sometimes hiding them from the sharp photographer’s lenses, yet sometimes purposely showing them off to the paparazzi. Why do people love and buy ugg boots? I think the answer depends on who you talk to. Some people love them for their warmth and comfort, some for their sheepskin qualities, and some purely because everybody else has got them.

These days you can get tall, short or 3/4 uggs; you can get mini, baby, lace ups, ultra talls, wraps, ribbon ugg boots, camouflage, napper, pink, chocolate, vintage, deluxe, uggs with buckles, beads, outdoor. The list goes on forever.

Where does it end? Last time I googgled ugg boots, I was left with 2.3 million hits, including a dozen or so paid adds. Google must be happy!

The ugg phenomen is fascinating. For something that has been around for decades and withstood all the insults by fashion gurus ugg boots have grow increasingly stronger.

This web site has resulted from the crazy idea of collecting all the information regarding ugg boots and publishing it in one place. There is plenty of information about ugg boots on the web but most of it is dispersed across thousands of sites and is sometimes very contradictory.

I want to make it absolutely clear that most of the information published here is my own personal opinions and/or information that I’ve collected over the years whilst talking to ugg boot manufacturers and resellers.

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