Ugg Boots – Global Phenomenon

Guess what? Ugg boots are back – and they’re back with a vengeance. At the disgust of uggs haters, they are everywhere. Ugg boots used to be associated with surf culture, bountiful Australian beaches and the Australian laid back life-style. Not any more! Uggs have become a fashion item.

When UGG Is Not An Ugg

Depending on who you talk to, there are two groups of people: those who want the label on the back of their uggs to say “UGG Australia” and don’t care too much where the boots are made or whether the boots are made from natural sheepskin; and a second

What Makes Good Ugg Boots

There are two key factors that determine how good the ugg boots are: the quality of the raw materials used and the workmanship. Some of the key components of the raw materials that are used in manufacturing ugg boots include: Sheepskin Suede Binding Thread Soles Most reputable ugg boot

Ugg Boots Manufacturing

Coloring Ugg boots manufacturing industry is currently using three main types of coloring processes: Spraying Roller coating Drum-dyeing The spraying process involves applying a coloring agent to the sheepskin by pulling the sheepskin through a series of high-pressure jets (similar to spray-painting a car). Often this results in a

Uggs Myth Busters

Sheep Are Skinned AliveThis the probably the most ridiculous myth I came across. I am surprised how many people still fall for this. I am not even going to waste any time on this.FALSE Ugg Boots Are Only Worn By Low-Life BogansJust check our celebrities uggs spottings. FALSE Ugg

Buying Ugg Boots Online

Now that you are pretty sure you’ve selected ugg boots made of good raw materials and of reasonable workmanship, all that is left is to select the right shop to buy them from. The simplest thing to do would be to pop over to your local store, try them